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Augen enters 11th year of operations


Augen enters 6th year of operations


Augen completed five years of service and has become a most recommended supplier in specialized automotive domains of BIW automation, interior exterior plastic product design and manufacturing design for plastic and sheet metal. The year 2012 will bring new initiatives from Augen to our customers in the areas of Automotive, Aerospace and other industrial sectors.

Augen enters into it's third year of relationship with Tier 1


Augen enters in third year of relationship with leading tier 1 supplier of seating components for design, development and validation. Augen commits to support requirements in prototype & testing.

Augen expands its global support by setting up a new delivery center in Sao Paulo to cater to Latin America


Augen expands its global presence by setting up its sixth delivery center in Sao Paulo. Companies in South America have direct access to competent and competitive services of Augen in South America. The delivery center is head by BIW industry veteran Mr. Cassio Novo who has over 2 decades of experience in Body in white Automation. Augen wishes to be a strategic partner to Assembly line builders to give them world class solutions at a very competitive price .(photos of the new facility to be taken from cassio)