Cabin Interiors

The Cabin Interiors & Seating solution group provides product design & development of aesthetically distinctive & high quality aircraft interiors and also optimizing the seat weight & improving passenger comfort.

We provide end-to-end solutions for aircraft  interiors systems and seating systems. It includes concept design, detailed design, design reviews, design changes, analysis and optimization. Seating systems and interiors are designed to meet the Federal Regulations and various OEM specifications.


Our key services are:

  • Design & Development  of cabin Interiors parts like
  • Seats, lightings, Galley, Closets, Lavatory
  • Stow bins, ceiling, Partition, Side Walls & Flooring
  • Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning System
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Benchmarking of individual components for competitive analysis
  • Seat design & reconfiguration
  • Technical documentation

Standards Known:

  • ATA 53 – Structures Design (primary & Secondary)
  • ATA 25 – Cabin Interiors (Structures)
  • FAR & JAR – Stress Analysis & Stress reports