Scaling New Global Frontiers

Augen Concept Designers have worked extensively with European and North American OEMS and are aware of their standards and this enables us to solve even the most ambitious assignments in a fast and efficient way. Our designers and simulation experts are already involved in the planning phase of the project with finding or verifying the concepts. This guarantees that several loops in draft design can be eliminated. The project management is performed by employees with many years of experience in the fields of CAD and management.

In a short span the company has achieved leadership position in plant automation & product design for automotive & aerospace industries. Led passionately by the multi-cultural management team of the company, with more than two decade of Industry experience, they possess rich domain expertise and have vast experience with industry processes & practices and applications.

Thus through the close proximity and niche domain knowledge Augen has emerged as the technological partner of choice across many emerging markets across the globe. Presently it operates with delivery centers in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Frankfurt, Michigan & Sao Paulo; serving Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Machinery & Construction Engineering industries. The company is capable of providing services globally at the doorstep thereby doing away with barriers of communication, distance, culture and language.